Curious Objects

A ball is more curious than a chair. A chair usually stays put, but a ball gets bored of where it is and rolls somewhere else.

Water is more curious still than a ball. Like a ball, it doesn’t let friction slow it down so much, and it’s also very curious about finding spots closer to the center of the earth. It also evaporates, becomes a cloud, and then explores other places.

I don’t count air as curious because even though it tends to go everywhere, it doesn’t really favor one place over another. It’s expansive but not curious. Curiosity is about exploring new situations, while still maintaining some structural integrity. Do you agree with me about air not being curious?

A cat is more curious than water, even.


  1. Light is curious because it reflects into and explores all the little nooks.

  2. Toby Schachman says:

    Light is perhaps the most curious of all.

    You should check out Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang. It’s in this collection:

  3. Forrest O. says:

    Have you read Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson? He goes into the idea of “liquid networks” being the most amenable to ideas forming. Too gassy and there is no structure for idea preservation, too solid and they don’t budge and bump into one another. Life forming in water, science and culture forming in cities. Anarchy too gaseous, totalitarianism too solid.